CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with High Precision

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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with High Precision
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with High Precision
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with High Precision
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with High Precision
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with High Precision



Desktop plasma CNC cutting machine is a machining method that uses the heat of the high temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal part at the workpiece cut and remove the molten metal by the high speed plasma cutting machine to form the incision. Laser desktop CNC plasma cutting machine is a high-speed, precision, small desktop cutting machine. Using man-machine interface, easy to install, easy to operate. The use of plasma cutting, especially for medium and thin non-ferrous metal sheet of automatic cutting cutting.

1. Plasma desktop CNC cutting machine frame overall processing annealing, failure treatment is not deformed.

2. The use of bilateral drive, smooth operation, high efficiency.

3. Reinforced square beam or aluminum alloy beams, good rigidity, high precision, light weight, inertia is small, conducive to high-speed cutting.

4. Brand servo drive, self-diagnosis troubleshooting troubleshooting.

5. Precision gear rack drive, helical precision 7

6. Seam automatic compensation, power cut, cut off the automatic memory, continuous back, free positioning cutting.

7. Cutting machine running process cutting speed adjustable at any time to meet the processing requirements.

8. Taiwan on the silver rail, high precision wear and tear long life.

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