Multifunction Hydraulic Ironworker

DIW-65T Hydraulic Ironworker, Shearing and Punching Machine

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DIW-65T Hydraulic Ironworker, Shearing and Punching Machine
DIW-65T Hydraulic Ironworker, Shearing and Punching Machine
DIW-65T Hydraulic Ironworker, Shearing and Punching Machine
DIW-65T Hydraulic Ironworker, Shearing and Punching Machine
DIW-65T Hydraulic Ironworker, Shearing and Punching Machine




Ironworker is a metal plate shearing, punching, bending and some other functions as one of the machines,And has a simple operation of low energy consumption and low maintenance costs, mainly for modern production,For example, metallurgy, bridge construction, communications, electricity, military and other industries.

Multi-function ironworker machine is divided into the following three categories:

DIW single ironworker machine

1. Manual press

2. Single station work, cutting and stamping can not be carried out at the same time

3. Cooling device (optional)


DIW-D double linkage ironworker machine (cutting, punching, both at the same time work)

1.Automatic pressing device

2. Double linkage, shear and stamping can be carried out at the same time

3. Cooling device

A-DIW automatic feeding ironworker machine

1.Automatic feeding device


1. Can be on the plate, angle, channel, I-steel punching, you can hole with the red, but also instead of press, pressure various shapes of products

2. Light weight, small size, low noise and other advantages of high efficiency

3. Simple operation, flexible mobile, punching high efficiency, smooth cross-section, low failure rate, long service life

Product configuration:

1. Taiwan [HNC] hydraulic system

A. Long time working coil without warming up.

B. Very low power consumption, only 20% of the original rated power;

C. No leakage magnetic noise, even in the 170V AC voltage start, there is no leakage of magnetic noise;

D. start the magnetic force is the original start-up capacity of 1.5-2 times;

E. stable operation, the power supply voltage fluctuations in the 25% range when the solenoid valve can also be a stable pull work;

F. Long time power work, stable performance. Also played a role in extending the life of the solenoid valve.

2. [Siemens Beide] motor

A. fully enclosed fan-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor,

B. With F-class insulation, Nima B design or C design, power range from 1 horsepower to 300 horsepower

C. products to the United States and the Canadian government's energy efficiency certification,

D. UL and CSA safety certification.

3. Taiwan [Hydromax] new Hong gear pump

A. High efficiency: the precise and detailed structural design, this series of gear pumps exist high volume rate and high mechanical efficiency.

B. long life: high performance of the high wear and tear of the bearings in high pressure, high speed operation will not burn

C. Light weight, compact structure.

D high precision design, low noise

4. Schneider Electric

A, Schneider Electric is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, is the leader in the electrical industry, its products advocate energy saving,

B, timber, whether it is PC material or inside the terminal, are using the best materials.

C, safety, Schneider switch socket is the first to require safety, all with a protective door socket.

5. [Japan NOK seals]

1, good sealing, high temperature.

2, is 10 times the life of ordinary seals, thus greatly reducing the oil pipe joints oil leakage probability.

6. [oil temperature automatic cooling system]

A, with air-cooled system, punching machine can work 24 hours a day.

B, (air cooler) air-cooled oil cooler radiator with aluminum alloy material to modern processing technology

Made, it ensures the product's high reliability and excellent thermal performance.

C, air through the heat sink and hydraulic oil through the internal oil, have been professionally designed to achieve the highest efficiency.

The choice of cooling fan, so as to ensure the efficiency of the cooler, high reliability and low noise and other excellent features.

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