Precautions for installation and removal of shears

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Shearing machine equipment installation and removal should be strictly in accordance with its factory instructions and the preparation of the special installation, removal program.
Machinery and equipment in the migration before the route should be identified on the bridge, the culvert of the upper clearance and the road, the carrying capacity of the bridge. Through the bridge, should be slow down the slow, in the bridge can not turn or brake. Carrying capacity is not enough bridge, must be developed in advance reinforcement measures.
Mechanical equipment must be installed in a smooth, solid site, the case of soft ground must first reinforce, and padded base wood and wood. Drilling rigs and rigs that operate on the gantry must be reliably connected.
Machinery and equipment must be installed firmly, Zhouzheng level. Rotary center of the rotary drilling machine, the impact of (punching) drilling machine drilling rig crane pulley groove edge of the vertical line should be aligned pile hole position, the deviation shall not be greater than the design allowable value (10 ~ 15mm).
A strong protective rail or protective cover must be installed on the outside of the transmission part of the machine (gears, caster, belt and pressure wheel).
Layers on the platform (platform) on the thickness of the board shall not be less than 50mm; when the use of steel plate laying, steel plate surface should be anti-slip measures.
The tower ladder, table and its protective railings must be installed firmly and reliably, guard railings net height should not be less than 1.2m. Pulleys and wheels must use steel castings, day wheels have a trolley baffle. Must be fitted with a wire rope lifting stopper and a safety baffle to prevent the wire rope from jumping.
The tower must not be installed under the overhead transmission line, the tower is erected (mounted) or tumbled (disassembled), the outer edge of the overhead line with the overhead line must maintain a certain safe operating distance, and in line with the provisions of the 2.0.16 and 4.0.17.
Installation, removal and removal of the tower, you must obey the machine (class) long or technical staff of the unified command, is strictly prohibited workers throwing tools and objects up and down, is strictly prohibited tower under the tower at the same time operations, is strictly prohibited in the tower or height storage Tools and objects. When the whole stand up or down the tower, the construction personnel should leave the tower upside down.
Equipment in the field of migration, the operating staff should first check and remove the obstacles on the way, you must set up a care car to prevent rolling loss. Unrelated personnel should be evacuated to safe areas.
When using the track, roller way to move the platform, the operator should first check the track, pulley, drum, wire rope, leg and other safety conditions, moving should be stable, uniform, to prevent dumping.
When loading and unloading rigs, to dump the mast, remove the cable, hose, drill in place, immediately with a wedge wedge wheel, and to ensure that the legs are located in the base wood.
When transporting machinery and equipment with an automobile, it is necessary to put the object in a stable state, and the loading and unloading should be carried out by an experienced person. Do not overload loading. Manhole loading and unloading vehicles used in the springboard must have sufficient strength, and has a non-slip barrier, racking slope of not more than 20 ℃, landing one end to have anti-sliding measures.
The height of the legs between the legs is not less than 75 ℃, the bottom legs to be fixed, installed flat handle, the safety factor of not less than 5, the safety factor of the wire rope Not le

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