Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

QC11k-6*3200 Shearing Machine 3.2m, CNC Shearing Machine 6mm

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QC11k-6*3200 Shearing Machine 3.2m, CNC Shearing Machine 6mm
QC11k-6*3200 Shearing Machine 3.2m, CNC Shearing Machine 6mm
QC11k-6*3200 Shearing Machine 3.2m, CNC Shearing Machine 6mm
QC11k-6*3200 Shearing Machine 3.2m, CNC Shearing Machine 6mm
QC11k-6*3200 Shearing Machine 3.2m, CNC Shearing Machine 6mm




1. All-steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress,high strength,good rigidity.

2. Hydraulic transmission,three-point support rolling guide(Lower eccentric shaft, front pivot shaft, upper eccentric shaft)makes blade up and down into linear motion,accumulator return,rectangular blade, and four sides can be use.

3. Shear angle can be adjusted, different thickness use different shear angle. Reduced shear angle can decrease the deformation of sheet,increase the shear speed; Also can increase shear angle to increase the shear force,Adopt fast and flexible electric gap adjustment mechanism for cutting accuracy.

4. Equipped with lighting alignment device, easy to shearing.

5. Back-gauge size and shear times controlled by CNC system control,back-gauge using high-precision ball screw, running stable, accurate positioning. CNC system using frequency control technology, with multi-step programming function, simple operation and convenient.

6. Equipped safety protection device at machine left, right and back. Electric cabinets equipped with open door power off device, before and after have emergency switch device. Foot pedal equipped with protection cover to ensure working safety. 


1. Hydraulic guillotine with high resolution touch screen 

2. Variable hydraulic guillotine shear for all kinds of metal sheets 

3. Adjustable blade gap, cutting angle and length make it possible 

   to cut all types of metals with various materials and thicknesses. 

4. Blade gap adjustment is based on the material and thickness 

    of metal sheets to be cut. Optimum gap not only effectively extend

    the lifespan of blade but also guarantee shearing quality. Generally, 

    the adjustable ratio accounts for 10% of the sheet thickness. 

5. Fine adjustment of cutting angle is designed for minimum distortion of metal sheets.

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