Our Team

Our  Team 

Purchasing department

1.Responsible for the lack of timely, inaccurate and erroneous work.

2.Keep track of the latest material price changes, and urge suppliers to lower price to meet the company's requirements. 

3.Responsible for poor procurement plan, tracking material not in time, and delayed purchase materials, and impact of production time. 

4.Responsible for purchasing original material, all spare parts quality. 

5.Responsible for purchasing the raw material, spare parts specifications, model, quantity, unit price and quality of purchased materials. 

6.Responsible for evaluation of the supplier. 



Production department

1.Make plan of annual production, according to company overall development goals. Making production plan at every month, every day, according to every month’s selling order. Organization and management of production, and implementation.

2.Responsible for the development and revision of production consumption quota, analysis and evaluation of production consumption indicator and cost control, accounting cost, put forward improve suggestions and supervision, inspection and assessment of implementation. 

3.Accurately grasp the production tasks, arrange raw material’s purchase, storage and use. To ensure production order smooth progress, and strive to achieve the lowest inventory costs. 

4.According to production order, arrange packing box’s customized, store, use.

5.Responsible for production place’s management, and workshop’s production, safety and environmental protection, quality, equipment, etc overall plan. Establish workshop manage running system. 


Inspection department

1.Responsible for quality management system running, and make sure of product’s high quality, according to company strategic planing. 

2.Combined with actual quality of the company's product management and quality standards, 

customized inspection standards of the raw materials, outsourcing, process products, finished product , make clear test methods, inspection procedures and defective matters. 

3.Strengthen internal and external coordination and communication, responsible for customer satisfaction information collection, summary and analysis, to take measures to improve and perfect quality work. 

4.Timely processing products to achieve the quality of work. 

5.Ensure product quality can meet customer’s requirement. 

6.Help the relevant department to cooperate in work.




Sales department

1.Responsible for product market development and sale work, implementation and completion of company’s annual product sale plan. 

2.According to company’s market strategy, to enhance sales value, control cost, expand sale at the responsibility area, complete sale target and expand product market share. 

3.Keep good communication with customers, real-time grasp customer requirement. To offer active, enthusiastic, satisfied and thoughtful service. 

4.According to company’s product, price and market strategies, independent deal inquiry, quotation, contract terms and signing the contract. In the implementation of the contract process, coordination and supervision of the various function of company operations.

5.Dynamically grasp market price, regularly to provide market analysis and forecast and personal work weekly. 

6.Maintenance and development of new sales channels and new customers, independent development and expansion of upstream and downstream users, especially end users.

7.To collect first-line marketing information and user comments, put forward suggestions of company's marketing strategy, after-sales service, and so on




Transport department

1.Planing: planing of the entire logistics system and transport activity. 

2.Planing budge

3.Making standard process: making standard transport process, according to process flow. 

4.Monitor:real time monitoring , from place order to supplier’s factory. 
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