Hot Sale YSK-63T Hydraulic Single Column Press Machine

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Hot Sale YSK-63T Hydraulic Single Column Press Machine
Hot Sale YSK-63T Hydraulic Single Column Press Machine
Hot Sale YSK-63T Hydraulic Single Column Press Machine
Hot Sale YSK-63T Hydraulic Single Column Press Machine




1.Suitable for metal product simple stretching, bending, cold extruding, etc kinds of stamping process.

2.Suitable for uitable for correcting, press fitting, power product, and abrasive product’s forming and plastic product, insulating product’s forming.

3.Suitable for auto parts, like damper, car start motor electric generator , automobile pump bearing.



1.Machine body adopts steel plate welding, c-type construction, built-in hydraulic station.

2.With independent motivation mechanism and electrical system, adopt relay control. It can achieve jog and semi-automatic two operate way.

3.Working pressure can be adjusted by manual adjust pressure valve. Stroke range can be controlled by approach switch.

4.Adopts square press head, guidepost. Press head set T-type groove, which can ensure machine’s precision and multi-functional.

5.Equipped with centralized control panel,there are operate button and option switch.


3.Safety protection:

Right-left protection guard

Photoelectric protection






Safety standard

Hydraulic valve: Bosch Rexroth
Motor: Siemens Beide
Oil pump: high pressure oil pump
Sealing roll: Japan NOK
The main electrical appliances: Schneider
PLC: Siemens / Omron
Displacement sensor: Italy Jeffrey
Pressure sensor: Italy Jeffrey

Safety standards (1006/42 / EC)
   EN 12622: 2009 + A1: 2013
   EN ISO 12100: 2010
   EN 60204-1: 2006 + A1: 2009
1.GB/T5226.1-1996   General technical   conditions for industrial machinery and electrical equipment
2.GB17120-97        Safety conditions for forging machinery
3.JB9967-1996       Hydraulic machine noise limits
4.JB3915-85         Hydraulic machinery safety technical conditions
5.JB/T3818-1999     Hydraulic equipment technical conditions


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