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Shearing Machine

China's Top 10 Shearing Machine Manufacturers

Lifu is a professional shearing machine manufacturer in China, specializing in providing customized shearing machine services for global customers. The machines we produce are low in price, stable in performance and complete in functions . They are very suitable for industrial metal cutting. Of course, all of our shears have passed ISO 9001:2008 certification and comply with international quality standards. You can buy with confidence. Whether you need Sheet Metal Shearing Machine,  Guillotine Shearing Machine or Swing Beam Shearing Machine , we can provide it for you.

The range of shears sold

The following specifications are the more welcome machine parameters we sell, if you need other specifications, we can also customize.

  • Cutting thickness: 1-25mm, (other thicknesses can be customized)
  • Cutting length: 500-10000mm (other lengths can be customized)
  • Metal materials that can be cut: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium plate, galvanized plate, aluminium plate, etc. (customizable)

We have a variety of shearing machine series, and we are gradually updating these products to the website. If you need to buy our products, you can contact our sales team, we will give a complete product list and detailed quotation! Consult immediately.

Shearing Machine Product Display

Scope of Application:

  • Metal processing
  • Machine made
  • Automobile industry
  • Other manufacturing

More Information About Lifu

Do you need to use shears to improve work efficiency? Or do you want to buy a batch of shears and sell them locally to get more profits?

No matter what the purpose is, we can provide you with corresponding products and services.

Take a look at Lifu's product range...

As an outstanding Shearing Machine manufacturer in China, the shears we sell are cheap, stable and fully functional, and are very popular in various countries and regions. If you need a shearing machine, you can ask our sales team to provide a quotation and product list. We believe that our services and products will satisfy you.

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