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The Best Power Press for Sale

Durmark is a leading Power Press manufacturer in China. We can provide Fixed Type Power Press, Pneumatic Power Press and Tilting Type Power Press in various specifications.

China Top 10 Power Press Manufacturer

Lifu is a professional power press machine manufacturer in China. It sells the best power presses to customers around the world and provides customized power press services. The power press products we produce has excellent quality, low price, stable performance and complete functions. They are very suitable for industrial metal processing. Of course, all our power presses meet international quality standards. You can buy with confidence. No matter what type of power press you need, we can provide it for you.

As China leading power press machine manufacturer, dumark focuses on providing power press machine products and solutions that can meet customer needs. From us, you can get lower-priced, fully functional industrial power press machine. If you need to buy, please contact us immediately!


More performance boost, less price boost


Whole process inspection to ensure product quality


Professional team provides complete solutions

Why Choose Us

Competitive Price

Our strong production capacity brings greater cost-effectiveness.

High Standard Service

The production adopts international standard parts.

Leading Design

Continuously innovative design makes production more efficient

Reliable Quality

Strong production team and QC team strictly control product quality and improve your production efficiency

Expert Solutions

Professional R&D team provides professional and perfect solutions for various industries

Technical Support

Provide 7*24 hours customer service and quick response, as well as perfect technical support

Types of Power Press

J21 Fixed Type Power Press

J21 Power press is used for blanking, punching, forming, bending, light drawing and other cold stamping processes.
It is suitable for various cold stamping processes such as blanking, punching, forming, bending, and light drawing.
Widely used in electrical appliances, equipment, vehicles, machinery, agricultural machinery, hardware and other industrial fields.


JH21 Pneumatic Power Press

JH21 series product is a high-performance punch, which introduces Taiwan technology,
All adopt computer-aided optimization design, cooperate with PROE, Solidworks software
Perform various simulated load tests, destructive tests and force analysis
Design verification, each specification product has undergone rigorous performance testing and reliability testing
confirm. Machine tools reflect the coordination and consistency of the human-machine environment.


J23 Tilting Type Power Press

J23 series Power press is suitable for various cold stamping processes such as blanking, punching, forming, bending and light drawing.
Widely used in electrical appliances, equipment, vehicles, machinery, agricultural machinery, hardware and other industrial fields.


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Precision Machining Equipment

Durmark currently has more than 140 sets of advanced processing, testing and measuring equipment. There are more than 30 large-scale CNC precision and high-efficiency machining centers such as imported floor boring and milling machines, CNC gantry, and vertical machining centers. There are more than ten sets of various precision measuring instruments such as three-coordinate measuring instruments and laser interferometers. Advanced processing equipment and precise testing instruments provide a strong guarantee for the improvement of product quality and production efficiency.




R&D and Production

  1. Always adhere to the development strategy of leading technology, and continuously increase investment in R&D talents and expenses.

  2. Make a production plan. Perform organizational management and implementation of production.

  3. Accurately grasp the production tasks and arrange the procurement, storage and use of raw materials.

  4. According to the production order, arrange the customization, storage and use of the packaging box.


Quality Inspection

  1. Responsible for the operation of the quality management system to ensure the high quality of products.

  2. Designate inspection standards, clarify inspection methods, inspection procedures and non-performing matters.

  3. Responsible for the collection, summary and analysis of customer satisfaction information, and take measures to improve and perfect the quality work.

  4. Ensure product quality can meet customer requirements.


Power Press: Guide to FAQ

1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are the manufacturer. With more than 20 years of production experience.

2. Where is your company located?

Our company is located in Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province, only half an hour's drive from Nanjing Lukou Airport. If you visit our company, we will arrange a special car to pick you up at the airport.

3. How long does it take to deliver the machine?

Durmark's delivery time is 15-20 days, and the goods are delivered strictly within the stipulated time.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

Generally, we acceptT/T, L/C, D/D and D/P payment. If you are our special customer, we can accept better payment methods.

5. How long is the warranty period of your machine?

For traditional machines, our warranty period is one year. For special non-standard machines, we may provide 2-3 years warranty, but it should be confirmed with our sales team in advance. During the warranty period, we provide free replacement parts.

6. Do you accept OEM customization?

Yes, we accept OEM customization, such as customized machine appearance, color, configuration, etc. Of course, the price of custom products is a bit higher. Please contact our sales team for details.

7. What is the minimum order quantity for your machine?

The minimum quantity we can accept is one, which can be customized by OEM according to your needs.

8. How do you ensure the quality of the machine?

Mainly control incoming inspection, production process, outgoing inspection and after-sales service to ensure the overall quality of products.

Quality control of incoming materials: full inspection, sampling inspection and batch inspection of all incoming raw materials and components. Distinguish defective products that do not meet the company's requirements, and make clear signs at the same time.

After the machine is completed, the precision is detected by advanced precision testing instruments, and the information is fed back in real time.

9. What kind of packaging does your machine use?

Since our machine is a large-scale equipment, it will be packed with rain-proof film and wooden box, directly into the container, and then fixed with steel wire, so that when the freighter is sailing at sea, the machine will not hit the inside of the container due to the swing of the ship , to ensure that the machine is intact. This container won't hold anything other than the machine you ordered.

10. How does your company provide after-sales service?

Dumark products are 20 years old and very mature for problem solving. In general, we can directly solve a lot of problems through video. For small problems during the use of the machine, we will arrange mechanical engineers to help you solve them remotely, and provide one-to-one guidance, such as sending text instructions or videos, to teach you how to solve the problem. If the part that needs to be replaced is within the warranty period, we will send it to you free of charge. Of course, you can also buy locally (if you can), which saves even more time. For more serious problems, if the way of remote guidance does not work, we will arrange engineer on-site service. In areas where there are agents, we will directly contact the agents to provide services.

11. Does your company provide training?

Yes, we support door-to-door installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, and repair services. Address all your concerns and questions.

12. How can I make sure the machine I ordered is right for me?

Before you place an order, our salesman will conduct detailed and in-depth communication with you to determine every detail you require, and finally provide the corresponding machine configuration according to your specific needs. We never recommend that you buy more expensive machines just to sell them. Expensive may not be for you.

13. Will your company provide relevant paper materials?

certainly. Usually shipped with the machine, it also includes various manuals, operating instructions, precautions, circuit diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, etc.

Your Trusted Best Power Press Machine Manufacturer

Durmark is a well-known machinery company in China, with high-quality Power Press machine, low prices, and decades of manufacturing and overseas sales experience. Our products will surely satisfy you. Contact us now to get the latest discounted price. Welcome to consult!

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