JH21-45Ton High Precision Pneumatic Power Press

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1.Steel plate welding and high strength frame

2.Combined dry pneumatic friction clutch

3.Controlled by Mechanical cam and Electronic cam

4.Gear lubrication oil

5.Hydraulic overload protection device

6.Electric module adjustment and digital display

7.The slide block is equipped with a balanced cylinder device for the upper lift.

8.Famous brand Double solenoid valve

9.Electric thick oil compulsory lubrication series

10.The balance cylinder adopts the manual thin oil lubrication system

11.Famous brand PLC control system

12.Famous brand contactor, button and indicator

1. Steel plate welding body, heat treatment, high stiffness, high precision, high stability

2. Vertical positioning crankshaft

3. Grinding the crankshaft after high frequency quenching.

4. Long rectangular guide rails, the surface of copper

5. Pneumatic double-balanced cylinder, balanced slider and stamping weight to reduce noise.

6. PLC control, import safety valve

7. dry clutch) and overload protection

1. Japan Showa hydraulic overload

2. Japan TACO double valve

3. Taiwan Hua Lin dry clutch

4. Omron PLC control (optional Mitsubishi PLC)

5. Schneider Electric

6. Ryan Optoelectronics / Keli photoelectric

7. Move the hands button

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