Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

QC12K-6*2500 Shearing Machine Steel Plate Cutting Machine

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QC12K-6*2500 Shearing Machine Steel Plate Cutting Machine
QC12K-6*2500 Shearing Machine Steel Plate Cutting Machine
QC12K-6*2500 Shearing Machine Steel Plate Cutting Machine
QC12K-6*2500 Shearing Machine Steel Plate Cutting Machine
QC12K-6*2500 Shearing Machine Steel Plate Cutting Machine



Product Description:

★ Rack part

By the frame structure of steel plate welding, with good rigidity, two oil cylinder fixed on the top two columns, the workbench to stud welding connection.Under the blade mounted on the workbench, and can make minor adjustments, make blade gap even.

 Upper slide rest

For steel plate welded structure, with good rigidity, after its former roller for the fulcrum, in the driving of the oil cylinder reciprocating movement up and down around the complete shear.Adopts three point rolling guide rail, eliminate the guide clearance, improve the quality of shear.Rectangular blade, four parts all can use, long service life.Rest on the structure of introversion, facilitate blanking, and can improve the precision of the work.Rest on the shearing Angle is adjustable, reduce the deformation of sheet metal distortion, the handwheel adjustment on the front panel, the left side of the blade gap instructions;Front and rear guide rail and the roller adopt alloy steel forging.

★ Press device

By installing more pressure on the supporting plate in front of the frame material of oil cylinder, material cylinder inlet pressure, pressure is expected to head down after overcome the spring tension, pressure plate, after completion of the shear, by means of the torsion spring tension and reset.

The size of the force that press a material increases with increasing by shear of the thickness of the sheet metal.

★  Keep-off institutions

Before keep-off:By the before keep-off rack and Scale and left limit baffle, etc composition.

After keep-off(back gauge):In the upper slide rest under the rung, Along with the rest on the up and down, back gauge regulation by screw driven by a motor drive. Control the movement distance, and has a soft limit loading system.. The motor can not meet the need to size, manual and fine-tuning to ensure that the required values to adjust. So the back gauge  adjustment is convenient and reliable.

★  Machine hydraulic system

This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, the main gear pump, hydraulic system through one-way valve, relief valve system, electromagnetic directional valve and livestock can opener, etc. The system is reasonable, the movement is stable and reliable.

According to mark the direction of arrow rotation after motor startup, ( When the electromagnetic valve does not work) Drive gear pump will be filtered oil through oil suction pipe into the valve plate and the electromagnetic valve after back to the tank.

Supply pressure by the gear pump used in the system, the system maximum working pressure for 20 Mpa, set by the overflow valve, the hydraulic valve have been setting before they go out, normally the user does not need any adjustment, Shanghai hydraulic valve is used in the hydraulic valve, all seal wall card, choose Japan line decorate concise, less leakage, easy maintenance and debugging.

★  The machine electrical system                                                                              

This machine adopts the 50 hz, 380 v ac power supply, by the main loop of the transformer output 220 v voltage control, electromagnetic relief valve, indicator light and button.. Machine electrical box located on the left side of the machine tool, control button in front of the machine installation, easy operation, which leads to the pedal switch SA3 lead by the electric box. The machine through the knob switch can be a single, continuous and dynamic capabilities. Machine also has the shear length adjustment, turn knob, time relay external knob, can adjust length of shear, rotate the rotary switch SA2, rev. Bright lights to the line, mobile cut sheet metal, make the row in the sheet metal processing line and machine blade projection overlap, can shear required results. Electrical components by Siemens.Main circuit has corresponding overload and short circuit protection function, safe and reliable, easy to maintain.




Distinguishing Feature

1.Estun E21S NC control System

2.Powered Back gauge X-axis

3.DELTA Inverter controlled back gauge

4.HIWIN Ball screws & Polished rod with 0.05 mm accuracy

5.Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms

6.Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic

7.Germany EMB Tubing connector

8.Siemens Main Motor

9.Telemecanique/Schneider Electrics

10.Hydraulic & Electrical overload protection

11.Top blade with two cutting edges and bottom blade with four cutting edges.

Classification and Applicability of Shearing Machine:

The shearing machine is mainly used for cutting the straight edges of metal plates of various sizes. In rolling steel, automobiles, aircraft, ships, tractors,

Bridges, electrical appliances, instruments, boilers, pressure vessels and other industrial sectors have a wide range of applications.

More types of cutting plate machine, according to its use and structure type can be divided into:

1, flat blade cutting plate machine: shear quality is good, twisted deformation is small, but the shear force, energy consumption. Mechanical transmission more. The cutting plate machine up and down

The two cutting edges are parallel to each other and are often used in rolling mills. The hot-cut billet and slabs are divided into upper and lower.

2, the oblique edge cutting plate machine: cutting plate machine from top to bottom two blades into an angle, generally on the blade is tilted, the tilt angle is generally 1 ° ~ 6 °. Slanting shear plate shearing force than the flat edge cutting plate machine is small, so the motor power and machine weight greatly reduced, the practical application of the most More, cutting plate machine manufacturers to produce such cutting plate machine.

Third, multi-purpose cutting plate machine:

1, sheet bending machine: that is, in the same machine can be completed on both shear and bending process.

2, the joint punching and shearing machine: to complete the shearing of the plate, but also for cutting profiles, and more for the cutting process

Fourth, special cutting plate machine: more with other equipment to use, to complete special purposes

3, plate open line cutting plate machine: for the plate open book on the line, in line with the production line fast cutting requirements of the design of high-speed shear plate machine, thick plate line for the hydraulic high-speed cutting plate machine, sheet metal line with more pneumatic cutting plate machine; high-speed line with flying shear, continuous students production, high efficiency.

4, steel production line cutting plate machine: used for angle steel, H-beam automatic production line to complete the cutting process

5, cold-formed line cutting plate machine: For example, cold-rolled longitudinal rail car, car side baffle production line, color plate forming line and other production lines configuration of the special cutting plate machine.

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