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Press brake

As China leading press brake manufacturer, dumark focuses on providing metal bending machine products and solutions that can meet customer needs. From us, you can get lower-priced, fully functional industrial bending machines. If you need to buy, please contact us immediately!
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PSH electrohydraulic CNC press brake

Factory Price, OEM, ODM






1.How about your machine quality? We are worry about the quality.

 RE: DURMARK is a mature brand in CHINA,through many years research in technology,our design including structure and detailed security and precision has enhanced greatly,and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.Our machines distribute worldwide to about 50 countries where there are metal plate industry ,there are Brilliant machines.And where there are our machines,there are good reputation and terminal user satisfaction

2. Whether the machine price can be more discount?

RE: 1.DURMARK always provide high quality machine, with 10years experiences,our machine has enough quality standard to make sure the machine can work more than the real warranty period. In this way ,we will save a lot and think in advance for the clients.

RE: 2. Actually DURMARK also think about our price level,we are sure to provide quality=price and price=quality ,the matched price and acceptable for the clients and durable for our machines. We welcome you negotiate with us and get a good satisfaction.  

3. How about your manufactory in China?

RE: DURMARK located in MaAnShan City, AnHui province which is the leading area in China and also in the worldwide as the center of the metal plate solution machines,We have worked about 10 years in this area.Rich experiences in this field with professional technical supporting and oriented service

If you need this 100 ton series metal hydraulic press brake, please contact us immediately, we will give you the best price!

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