6 Tips for Choosing Shearing Machine 2021

shearing machine

Are you looking for excellent quality shearing machine? Shearing machine is an indispensable equipment in the manufacturing process. It is used to cut, bend or roll metal sheets into desired shapes. A small optimization brought by a high-quality shearing machine will bring a huge improvement in product quality. So this is why it is important to choose the best shearing machine.

There are different types and specifications of shearing machine. Next, we will provide you with some basic information about shearing machine and give you 6 suggestions on choosing shearing machine.

What is the shearing machine

Shearing machine is a metal processing machine that uses a reasonable blade gap to apply shearing force to metal sheets of various thicknesses to make the sheets break and separate according to the required size.

Shearing machines are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide professional materials and complete sets of equipment for these industries.

So what do we need to pay attention to when choosing a shearing machine? How to choose the right supplier? Next we will introduce to you.

shearing machine

1. Type of Shearing Machine

There are many types of scissors, which can meet your different needs, but there are two most popular scissors, namely pendulum scissors and guillotine scissors. Next, we will introduce these two scissors in detail, everyone should be cautious when buying.

The swing beam shearing machine is a shearing machine driven by hydraulic pressure, which relies on the rotation of the knife holder to realize the shearing process. Oscillating shears mostly use oblique blades for shearing, which are widely used due to their simple structure, low failure rate, high shearing efficiency and no bowing, warping, or distortion of the sheet after shearing. The structure is compact, but the angle of the blade cannot be adjusted.

It has a stronger cutting ability and can be programmed to make each process controllable. The guillotine shearing machine has the double-action function of the upper sliding block and the lower hydraulic cushion, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements, and the operation is simple and easy to use button centralized control. But the operator needs to be professional enough.
shearing machine

2. Specification

Before purchasing metal shearing equipment, an important consideration is the size required to fit your workpiece range. Determine the specifications and parameters of the purchased machine according to your own demand parameters. At the same time, you must also consider the needs of the future expansion of the enterprise scale to leave a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine. Especially for the shearing machine, the required range of the thickness of the material to be cut, the size of the slitting machine in the slitting machine, and so on.

Pay attention to the following parameters:
Thickness: The thickness of the sheet/raw material is the thickness of the sheet or web that can be cut.
Working length: The sheet/working length is the maximum working distance that can be cut from right to left.
Throat depth: The throat depth is the distance from the centerline of the plunger to the gap frame, C frame or similar pressure type rear frame.
You can read this article to understand the market trend of shearing machine.
shearing machine

3. Efficiency

For enterprise production, the efficiency of machine production is very important, which is related to operating income. So when choosing a shearing machine, pay attention to its speed and accuracy.

Accuracy is one of the main pursuits. You should pay attention to the way you need to cut and the degree of burrs you can accept.

While pursuing accuracy, we must also ensure a certain speed. The timely output of products greatly affects the efficiency of operations and the speed of order completion. It is very important to choose an excellent shearing machine manufacturer, because they can provide the best of both worlds.

shearing machine

4. Durability

The durability of production equipment is also part of the cost consideration. The maintenance cost in the later period is one of the important considerations, and it is related to whether your production can operate normally. Some parts are easily damaged, study them carefully and be prepared for it to ensure your operation goes smoothly.

Ask your manufacturer about the durability and characteristics of the equipment, and you can get some useful information.

shearing machine

5. Price

Price is an important consideration. There is no doubt that price is very important. A machine with good quality and cheap price can bring you a very large cost benefit. Of course, you must also consider your subsequent maintenance costs.

Generally speaking, we recommend Chinese shearing machine manufacturers. China has a very complete industrial production chain, can provide complete product solutions, and has a competitive price, so the Chinese shearing machine manufacturer is definitely within your consideration.

You can refer to this article to choose an excellent Chinese shearing machine manufacturer.

6. Manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer is very important, they know their products best, and they can bring the most suitable answer to your choice. In addition, the prices, product details, delivery speed, after-sales, etc. are different for each company. You need to make multiple comparisons and choose the most suitable shearing machine manufacturer for cooperation.

Write at the end

The above are some suggestions for you to buy a shearing machine. If you are looking for a suitable shearing machine, then you can follow these suggestions to choose the right shearing machine manufacturer for you.

We recommend that you can choose Durmark's shearing machine. The machines we produce are low in price, stable in performance and complete in functions. They are very suitable for industrial metal cutting. Of course, all our scissors have passed ISO 9001:2008 certification and comply with international quality standards. You can buy with confidence. Whether it is a sheet metal shearing machine, a guillotine shearing machine or a swing beam shearing machine, we can provide it for you.

If you have more questions or interests, you can contact us, and our professional technicians will provide you with the most professional answers and the latest consultations.

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