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If you want to buy an industrial shearing machine to expand your business, then you must know more about the information knowledge of the shearing machine. Many people only know that the sheet metal shearing machine is used to cut various materials, but they don't know much about other aspects.


In this article, expect to learn:

What is a Shearing Machine?

Shearing machine definition: Shearing machine uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade to apply shearing force to metal sheets of various thicknesses by using a reasonable blade gap to make the sheets break and separate according to the required size. 

The shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, and its main function is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide special machinery and complete sets of equipment required.

Working Principle

Shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to reciprocate linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate.

The shearing machine after shearing should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface of the sheared sheet, minimize the deformation of the sheet, and obtain high-quality workpieces.

The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the worktable. The worktable is equipped with a holding ball to prevent the board from being scratched when sliding on it.

The back gauge is used to position the plate, and the position is adjusted by the motor.

The pressing cylinder is used to hold down the sheet to prevent the sheet from moving during the shearing process.

Guardrails are safety devices to prevent industrial accidents. The return journey generally relies on nitrogen, which is fast and has little impact.


Classification of shears: General shears can be divided into pedal type (manpower), mechanical shears, electric shears, hydraulic swing shears, and guillotine shears.

  • According to the operation of the shearing machine, we can be divided into:

    Mechanical shearing machine is divided into: upper drive and lower drive

    Hydraulic shearing machine is divided into: pendulum shearing machine and gate shearing machine

  • According to the cutting method of the shearing machine, it can be divided into linear shearing machine and circular shearing machine.

    Linear shears are used to cut metal thicker than 2mm, they are operated by hydraulic power or manual machines to cut thinner metal.

    Circular shears are used to cut circular blanks and rings from metal and are driven by electric motors. The best metal types for shearing are bronze, aluminum, brass and mild steel. Metal shearing is cost-effective and easy, so it is preferred in industry and even in the home.

  • According to different designs, shearing machines can be divided into the following types:

    1.Bench Shearing Machine

    The machine is mounted on a tabletop to increase its mechanical capabilities. It is used to cut rough shapes of medium-sized metal. However, small bench shears come with ground cutting blades that are lightweight for clean and quick cuts.


    Mechanically driven guillotine shears workflow: The material to be cut is first squeezed with a plunger, the moving blade descends and shears the metal. Electric shears consist of a shearing table to place the material to be sheared, a holding device to keep the material in place to avoid movement, a measuring device to ensure the material is in the correct position, and upper and lower blades for cutting .

    3.Power shears

    These types of shears are powered to shear large pieces of metal, no matter the size. Alternatively, they can be hydraulically driven to cut metal that is too bulky to transport.


    This means that the metal being cut can move freely around the cutting blade, so it is flexible. It is used for complex cuts and curves.

For more classification of shears, please click here.

How to use the shearing machine

The following situations may occur during the use of the plate shearing machine:

  1. Start the shearing machine for idling several cycles, to ensure that under normal conditions, try to shear different thickness of the sheet, from thin to thick. Ensure users are familiar with the shearing machine performance.

  2. The test shear plate thickness must be adjusted to different blade clearance. If the blade clearance is not adjusted, the durability of the blade will be affected.

  3. Open the pressure gauge switch and observe the oil pressure value during the shearing process. The pressure should be less than 20MPa when cutting 12mm plate. The pressure of the remote pressure regulating valve No9 is set at 20-22mpa when it leaves the factory. The user must abide by this regulation and shall not increase the pressure for cutting beyond the specified material surface, resulting in machine damage.

  4. Sound balance during operation. Stop the shearing machine for inspection if there is any noise.

  5. When the plate shearer operates, the temperature of the fuel tank increases. 60 degrees, over which the power off rest.

Features and Benefits of Automatic Shearing Machines

CNC shears before feeding using a mobile rear stopper device and electronic counter, easy to adjust the position of rear stopper. 

The whole welding frame structure is used, and the vibration aging treatment, the machine has good rigidity, high precision and good precision retention. 

The tool rest adopts steel structure. Under the action of oil cylinder, it moves up and down along the roller to realize shearing action. 

The front feeding frame adopts steel structure, which is tempered to eliminate internal stress, strong rigidity and good stability.

The forward feed adopts imported precision ball screw, linear guide guide, and digital AC servo motor drive.

The positioning is accurate, the operation is fast and stable, and the front feeding table is arranged with steel balls and brushes.

The positioning speed of the three-axis CNC motor can be adjusted arbitrarily to improve work efficiency.

The parameter adjustment function is set in the system, and the reference points of the two axes can be modified arbitrarily. Thereby adjusting the positioning value of the numerical control system.

The system is equipped with an automatic knife retract function, which can make the feeder retreat in time during the cutting process to avoid friction between the blade and the plate during the cutting process.

After each startup or shutdown, the two axes controlled by the CNC system can automatically find the reference point when the machine is restarted to ensure repeatable positioning accuracy.

What is the difference between shearing and die cutting?

If you are familiar with the metal fabrication process, you may be wondering what is the difference between shearing and die cutting. In fact, they are both cutting or finishing processes that involve using a blade to remove excess material or create the desired shape for sheet metal. The main difference is that shearing uses straight edged blades, whereas the blades used in die cutting are curved.


As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, shearing has become a popular and accepted practice in metal fabrication. In fact, this method has many distinct advantages.

First, the metal can be sheared without heating. This process is usually carried out at room temperature or when the metal is cold.

Second, it produces far less waste than other manufacturing practices. This allows manufacturers to save on cleaning costs and perform the process faster.

Finally, shearing can be used on a variety of metals, including stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, copper, and iron, to name a few.


While shearing has many significant advantages, there are also some potential disadvantages to be aware of.

First, exceptionally hard metals like tungsten cannot be sheared.

Second, shearing can cause the stainless steel plate to deform if not handled carefully.


The advantages of the plate shearing machine before feeding are as follows:

  1. Matched with the ordinary shearing machine, compared with the rear stopper positioning more, can completely replace manual, mainly used in various sizes of plate cutting, blanking, high efficiency, blanking, can achieve automatic programming, automatic positioning, automatic cutting, automatic feeding, automatic return and other functions.
  2. Protection function
    • Over-limit protection, when the travel to the limit will automatically stop the movement, to avoid collision.
    • Self-diagnosis protection function, when the software, system or electrical failure will automatically alarm, remind check and elimination.
    • Air pressure protection function, when the air pressure is too low will alarm and stop working, to avoid damage to pneumatic components.
    • Voltage protection function, when the voltage fluctuation is too large, will automatically alarm and stop working, avoid damage to the servo system, electrical.
  3. Components and software program, choose pneumatic automatic clamp, clamping force is large, stable feeding; Easy to operate.

Where to find a shearing machine manufacturer


Ways to find a shearing machine manufacturer in China include 

  • Online Platforms

    Online platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China are ideal places for different shearing machine manufacturers to market to their customers.

    Manufacturers can often offer you different prices and after-sales services.

    When searching on these sites, you have to make sure that you are choosing a manufacturer and not a distributor or trader.

    Also, do not start a transaction with a specific manufacturer until you have verified their credentials.

    The advantage of having a large number of manufacturers on these sites is that you can negotiate or select the right manufacturer for your automatic power press.

    You also have the opportunity to negotiate the price of your product.

  • Google, Bing Search

    Most good manufacturers of shearing machine have their own websites to advertise their products.

    However, many good Chinese manufacturers do not pay much attention to this or start late, but this does not mean that they cannot offer excellent products.

    So it may be hard to find them in the first few pages, but you can check out a few pages with many good shearing machine manufacturers to choose from.

    Or you can add "China" to the keywords to see more Chinese manufacturers.

  • Sourcing Agents

    Many sourcing agents in China are aware of the different shearing machine manufacturers in China.

    They know the production capabilities and pricing of these manufacturers.

    These are important specifications that your sourcing agent can help you with when searching for a m

    Sourcing agents can also save you the hassle of finding a reliable manufacturer as they usually have a ready-made list for you to choose from.

    The main limitation of using a sourcing agent is the high cost of finding a manufacturer.

    If you place a bet on finding a manufacturer, it is impossible to compare what you pay here with what you might lose.

    Trade shows and trade fairs.

  • Manufacturer.

  • Industrial Machinery Shows

    Whenever a China trade show is held in your country or in China, you should expect Chinese manufacturers to showcase their products.

    This allows you to interact with different manufacturers and ask them about different aspects of their manufacturing process.

    The advantage of this approach is that you can meet face-to-face with a specific manufacturer.

    This allows you to negotiate with the manufacturer on different specifications.

    Common trade shows and fairs in China include: Canton Fair, etc.

    It is vital that once you have reached an agreement with a particular manufacturer, you need to visit their premises before you start production.

How to Choose Shearing Machine

  • Type

    First of all, it is necessary to clarify which type of shears they are suitable for. There are not only several types of shears, but also different specifications. Therefore, when choosing, you should pay attention to this aspect, especially if the shears are capable of cutting different The thickness of the material can be known, so after these aspects are determined, the next step is selected.

  • Specification

    Before choosing a shearing machine, customers must check the power supply and various components of the shearing machine. When purchasing a shearing machine, users must know what specifications of the shearing machine they need, and go to a few more to see the price and performance of the shearing machine. After selecting the model you need.

  • Trial, Test

    The user can ask the manufacturer to try the shearing machine. During use, the user must carefully observe the sharpness of the blade of the shearing machine and whether the shearing machine is noisy. If the body of the shearing machine is noisy, the manufacturer must request the shearing machine to be replaced. Because the shearing machine is a large-scale machine, once it appears in the process of use, it is not a small project for enterprises or after-sales maintenance.


Advantages of using hydraulic shears over mechanical models

  1. Hydraulic shears are fast and accurate and can easily cut large quantities of metal in the factory.

  2. Hydraulic shears do not require as much maintenance as mechanical models and are therefore cost-effective.

  3. Hydraulic shears are generally compact machines, so even though they apply the same pressure as mechanical shears, they take up less space.

  4. Hydraulic shears hold metal with cramps while cutting, ensuring smooth cuts even 90-degree cuts. There are a wide variety of hydraulic shears on the market to suit all sizes of metal.


How to use hydraulic shears safely?

  1. Always have professional operators working on the machine

  2. Keep the machine clean and follow the operating rules to avoid danger.

  3. Be sure to turn off the power of the machine after use.


How to Choose Shearing Machine Manufacturer

During the purchase, the following points should be noted:

  1. Determine the specifications and parameters of the purchased machine according to your own needs and parameters, and at the same time consider the needs of future expansion of the enterprise, leaving a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine. Especially for the shearing machine, for the material thickness of the material to be sheared, the size of the slitting machine and other requirements, after the machine model parameters are determined, you can contact the manufacturer to purchase.

  2. Identify which manufacturers make the machine you want to buy. 

    In this link, it is often the easiest to ignore, because no matter which manufacturer is contacted, the manufacturer will basically inform the professional production of this type of product. 

    In fact, the models produced by different manufacturers are often different, and manufacturers often provide various products by adjusting goods. 

    Therefore, users should pay special attention to choosing the one that suits them best. 

    You can read this article to learn about the top 10 global shearing machine manufacturers, including China Hydraulic shearing machine companies.

  3. After contacting several companies that produce machines and obtaining the price, parameters, payment method and shipping method of the machine, the most important step is to choose the manufacturer to buy. Generally, after removing the highest price and the lowest price, choose a reliable manufacturer, so as to obtain a better price/performance ratio while ensuring the quality and after-sales service.

  4. Select several special manufacturers as a comparison to understand the use, quality of the machine, especially after-sales service. Taking all into consideration, choose the manufacturer with the best price and the best service.

  5. After confirming the manufacturer, the next step is to sign a contract, pay a deposit, take delivery or cash on delivery and other related matters. When signing a contract with a manufacturer, be sure to check whether the contract terms are breached or unreasonable.

  6. Obtain key documents, including quality inspection reports, product test reports, etc.

List of Best Shearing Machine Manufacturer

More information can be read: Top 10 Shearing Machine Manufacturers

  • JMT

    JMT offers a selection of high-quality, high-production metal shearing machines for sale that are a cut above the competition. With our superior designed hydraulic shearing machine lineup, all possible sheet metal and plate cutting jobs and requirements will be met, by one or the other of our three series of shearing machines. Whether it be a need for a hydraulic shear consider our Variable Rake Guillotine Shear or our Swing Beam Shear, or maybe you're considering a Power Operated Mechanical Shear, either way, no base is left uncovered.


    JEAN PERROT is a designer and manufacturer of guillotine shearing machine and hydraulic shearing machine. These high-performance shearing solutions feature a wide range of shears and are ideal for high-speed, high-efficiency shearing.

    JEAN PERROT has a range of shears including entry, intermediate and advanced. JEAN PERROT is an excellent choice for those looking for a catalog of machines with a wide price range. Entry-level shears are known for their cost-effective prices while maintaining high quality and high performance, making them a great option for those looking for an economical solution.

  • Durmark

    Durmark is a professional shearing machine manufacturer in China, specializing in providing customized shearing machine services for global customers. The machines we produce are low in price, stable in performance, and complete in functions. They are very suitable for industrial metal cutting. 

    All of our shears have passed ISO 9001:2008 certification and comply with international quality standards. You can buy with confidence. Whether you need Sheet Metal Shearing Machine, Guillotine Shearing Machine, or Swing Beam Shearing Machine, we can provide it for you.

    Cutting thickness: 1-25mm, (other thicknesses can be customized) Cutting length: 500-10000mm (other lengths can be customized) Metal materials that can be cut: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, etc. (customizable)

  • Rajesh

    RAJESH is one of the leading shearing machine manufacturers based in India. With a roster of hydraulic shears, RAJESH ensures safety and technology that is always up to date with their products. Standard equipment comes with German hydraulics and motors. Machinery is equipped with top blades controlled through servo control technology that assures efficiency and accuracy every time.

    With such a huge catalog of products on the market, it can be challenging to find the right manufacturers to trust for your business and product needs. However, when it comes to finding the best shearing machinery, these nine manufacturers are reliable and reputable for their high-quality products that prioritize efficiency and longevity.

  • LVD

    LVD is a Belgian shearing machine manufacturer, offering a full line of shearing equipment that is diverse and globally accessible. With several models in their roster, their machines are highly flexible and will meet any demanding standards your business might have.

    LVD offers conventional CNC-controlled guillotine shears as well as custom shearing systems tailored to meet all of your business needs.


Do You Want to Buy Bargain Shearing machine?

We are the manufacturer and supplier of shearing machine. If you need to buy or customize a shearing machine in the near future, then we can serve you. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we can provide you with the best machine solutions and services. Look forward to working with you!



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