7 Reasons for Choosing China Power Press Manufacturer


In the past two decades, more and more developing countries are strengthening their industries and manufacturers to participate in the fierce market competition. After years of development, Chinese power press machine manufacturers have engaged in fierce technological competition. However, Chinese power press manufacturers still maintain a strong competitive edge. What makes customers around the world choose power presses made in China? Today we will talk about the reasons for this.


1. Low cost labor

One of the main attractions of a power press made in China is the availability of low-cost labor. In fact, statistics show that manufacturing in China can help reduce costs by 30% to 80%, depending on the labor intensity of production.

2. Strategic Location

China also benefits from being close to some growing markets such as India and Southeast Asia, as well as markets that have been developing for years such as Japan and Korea. In addition, moving production to China gives manufacturers access to the country's fast-growing domestic market.

3. Low raw material costs

At a time when manufacturers across a wide range of industries are struggling to cut expenses, China offers a cost effective alternative. Access to affordable raw materials can help reduce manufacturing costs to a large extent. Therefore, having power press manufacturers local suppliers is becoming increasingly important as a way to reduce costs.

4. Access to cutting-edge technology

Recognizing the market potential in the era of globalization, Chinese power press manufacturers have been developing their own technology over the past few years. Significant investments in R&D have helped the country gain an edge over other emerging countries.

5. Evolving supply chain management

To capitalize on China's growing interest as a manufacturing hub, many Chinese suppliers have stepped up their efforts in recent years. By identifying reliable local suppliers, international companies can increase production more simply and efficiently. This has encouraged more Chinese suppliers to update their latest technology and raise their standards to attract more customers.

6. Infrastructure and Geography

China is known as the "infrastructure maniac" for its tremendous achievements in road transport, urban construction, industrial construction, etc. China's exports and imports continue to grow, thanks in large part to its excellent infrastructure. Geographically, China has a long coastline, many ports and a large throughput. This is the guarantee of fast delivery for Chinese power press manufacturers. For customers in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and West Asia, with the construction of "One Belt, One Road", road transport will also be unimpeded in the foreseeable future. The above is based on an increasingly powerful country, which is difficult for other competing countries to catch up.

7. Stability

The final reason for sourcing from China is the country's political, economic and social stability. China is in a position of political stability, which means that more and more international investors see it as a reliable and trustworthy choice. Despite continued trade differences between the U.S. and Chinese governments, many industrial products remain unrestricted. In addition, a stable economy and steady production are very important. The COVID-19 epidemic, 2020 is the best proof of China's strong productivity. In just three months, the strong stability was demonstrated from the full outbreak of the epidemic to the full control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production. It reflects that customers' interests can be fully protected. Its stable economic and political environment, as well as its relatively clean record of compliance with safety and other corporate social responsibility (CSR) obligations, gives it an advantage over manufacturers in other countries.


Chinese power press machines have come a long way in terms of technology and manufacturing power. With a growing market, low-cost labor and access to technological advantages, China is becoming a preferred destination for overseas manufacturing. Contact us today to see how much you can save by moving your manufacturing to China.

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