Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

QC12K-6x4000mm Hydraulic CNC Carbon Steel Plate Shearing Machine

Carbon Steel Shearing Machine Manufacturer, Steel Plate Shearing Machine Supplier, High Quality Hydraulic Shearing Machine
QC12K-6x4000mm Hydraulic CNC Carbon Steel Plate Shearing Machine
QC12K-6x4000mm Hydraulic CNC Carbon Steel Plate Shearing Machine
QC12K-6x4000mm Hydraulic CNC Carbon Steel Plate Shearing Machine
QC12K-6x4000mm Hydraulic CNC Carbon Steel Plate Shearing Machine
QC12K-6x4000mm Hydraulic CNC Carbon Steel Plate Shearing Machine



1. The use of steel welded structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, easy to       operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, the assembly of light and rapid;

2. Adjust the edge of the gap to indicate signs, adjust the light quickly;

3. With light on the line device, shear stroke control device, easy to adjust;

4. Rolling care ball, reduce sheet scratches, reduce friction resistance;

5. With the rear block position digital position digital display, soft limit, one-way positioning     gap prompt, cut automatic counting function;

6. Rear block with encoder, with the digital display system, making the rear block position       display more accurate, thereby further improving the machine's cutting accuracy.


1.Estun E21S NC control System

2.Powered Back gauge X-axis

3.DELTA Inverter controlled back gauge

4.HIWIN Ball screws & Polished rod with 0.05 mm accuracy

5.Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms

6.Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic

7.Germany EMB Tubing connector

8.Siemens Main Motor

9.Telemecanique/Schneider Electrics

10.Hydraulic & Electrical overload protection

11.Cutting Line Illumination and wire for shadow line Cutting

12.Top blade with two cutting edges and bottom blade with four cutting edges.

Classification and Applicability of Shearing MachineWai:

The shearing machine is mainly used for cutting the straight edges of metal plates of various sizes. In rolling steel, automobiles, aircraft, ships, tractors,

Bridges, electrical appliances, instruments, boilers, pressure vessels and other industrial sectors have a wide range of applications.

More types of cutting plate machine, according to its use and structure type can be divided into:

1, flat blade cutting plate machine: shear quality is good, twisted deformation is small, but the shear force, energy consumption. Mechanical transmission more. The cutting plate machine up and down

The two cutting edges are parallel to each other and are often used in rolling mills. The hot-cut billet and slabs are divided into upper and lower cut.

2, the oblique edge cutting plate machine: cutting plate machine from top to bottom two blades into an angle, generally on the blade is tilted, the tilt angle is generally

1 ° ~ 6 °. Slanting shear plate shearing force than the flat edge cutting plate machine is small, so the motor power and machine weight greatly reduced, the practical application of the most More, cutting plate machine manufacturers to produce such cutting plate machine.

 Third, multi-purpose cutting plate machine:

1, sheet bending machine: that is, in the same machine can be completed on both shear       and bending process.

2, the joint punching and shearing machine: to complete the shearing of the plate, but           also for cutting profiles, and more for the cutting process

Fourth, special cutting plate machine: more with other equipment to use, to complete special purposes

3, plate open line cutting plate machine: for the plate open book on the line, in line with         the production line fast cutting requirements of the design of high-speed shear plate machine, thick plate line for the hydraulic high-speed cutting plate machine, sheet metal line with more pneumatic cutting plate machine; high-speed line with flying shear, continuous students  Production, high efficiency.

4, steel production line cutting plate machine: used for angle steel, H-beam automatic           production line to complete the cutting process.

5, cold-formed line cutting plate machine: For example, cold-rolled longitudinal rail car, car     side baffle production line, color plate forming line and other production lines configuration of the special cutting plate machine.

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