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Customer Trust Brand : Durmark

1.Customer trust brand : Durmark 

Customer via mobile phone contact, and buy YSK41 system single column hydraulic press machine with one calling. His friend have bought LIFU Durmark hydraulic press machine before(oil press cutting edge, hydraulic cutting edge machine), and introduce us to his friend. Why customer so confidence with our product? Lifu have 10 years hydraulic press machine production experience and good service, no matter how far from us.

2. Why customer like LIFU Single column hydraulic press machine so much?

Compare with normal hydraulic press machine, YSK series single hydraulic press machine is more competitive. Hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve integrated system, Omron PLC control, action quickly, work stable, good seal. Hydraulic system have reliable sealing, no leakage. Main pipe line adopt flange connect, pipe line equipped with earthquake prevention measures. Features: flow resistance small, running speed fast, good sealing, no leakage, difficult stuck, strong anti-pollution ability, small volume, long use life, easy maintain, etc. These features is welcomed by enterprise. 


3.Advantage of YSK Single column hydraulic press machine

YSK single hydraulic press machine contain: fuselage, protecting mask, electrical control box, hydraulic cylinder, double-hands start, below plate, guider, middle plate, upper plate, safety grating, grating protection plate, oil station, pressure sensor, displacement sensor, have safety, stable, fast, high efficient, energy save, environmental protection, etc features. 


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