What is a Power Press? Working Principle and Application


Power press Machine is an important production tool in today's industrial production. It is suitable for a variety of cold stamping processes and is widely used in a variety of industries. As a leading power Press machine manufacturer in China, Durmark will show you the working principle and application of power press today.


What is a power press?


A Power press is a machine for cutting, forming, mixing and pressing any sheet metal into the desired shape. This is a multipurpose machine for forming sheet metal for obtaining parts of the desired shape, for electrical and electronic equipment, the automotive industry, etc.

It is one of the most adaptable sheet metal machines on the market and is used in a variety of heavy industrial applications. Previously, forming sheet metal by hand required a lot of labor and force. But with the help of a Power press machine, by applying a lot of pressure, it will be easier to cut, bend, press and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes.


How does the power press work?

The Power press is designed to work by converting circular motion into linear motion. The main components are the clutch, flywheel, crankshaft, fixed plunger and moving plunger.

The main parts of the press:

Base: The base is the support part of the press and provides the arrangement of the tilting and clamping frames in a tilting press.

Ram: Ram reciprocates within its guide rail of specified stroke length and power. Stroke length and delivered power can be adjusted as required. The Ram has a punch on the bottom end to machine the workpiece.

Flywheel: The flywheel is mounted on the edge of the drive shaft and is connected to it through a clutch. During idling, energy is stored in the flywheel, which is expected to maintain a constant speed of the punch as it is forced into the workpiece.

Clutch: The clutch is used to connect and disconnect the drive shaft from the flywheel when it is necessary to start or stop the movement of the plunger.

Brake: The brake is used to stop the motion immediately after the drive shaft is disconnected from the flywheel.


How Power Press Works

The plunger and bed are equipped with combined molds to form sheet metal into specific shapes. The rotation of the flywheel is powered by an electric motor. The rotating flywheel is connected to the crankshaft through a clutch. The crankshaft then links the upward and downward movement of the ram with the rotational action of the flywheel. The workpiece is fed into the mold and the tool cycle is initiated. When the upper and lower dies are pressed together against the stock, a reshaped part is formed. After the downstroke is complete, the formed workplace is removed and replaced with a new form of plate for the same process.


How to Calculate the Size of a Power Press

  • To correctly size a power press, it is necessary to determine the tonnage required, the size of the table and the height of the press opening.

  • The tonnage is determined according to the type and thickness of the material being processed and the shape and size of the stamping tool.

  • To define the size of the table, it is sufficient to know the maximum size of the material that needs to be processed.

  • To choose the opening height of the press, it must be selected according to the punching range and the height required to remove the workpiece.

  • Working speed is an important aspect to consider, especially for mass production.



What is the purpose of the Power press?

Power press is suitable for blanking, punching, forming, bending, light drawing and other cold stamping processes.

And widely used in electrical appliances, equipment, vehicles, machinery, agricultural machinery, hardware and other industrial fields.


Benefits of Power Press

The power press features give us the following benefits

  1. Power press can be used for cutting, pressing, trimming, straightening and more.

  2. Previously, cutting and pressing were done manually, so having a Power press would save us a lot of time, effort and labor.

  3. With such a design, you don't need to worry about adjusting the workpiece again and again.

  4. Design and portability allow us to move easily anywhere on the shop floor.

  5. The initial cost of the machine is low and it is user friendly.

  6. This machine is very reliable, with an incredible method of pressing, punching and snapping without a lot of maintenance.



Safety precautions when using the Power press

Power Press machines are in the heavy duty machine category, so it is important to keep a few things in mind when using them. It is dangerous to operate if not maintained properly. Here are some safety points to be aware of when operating the machine:

  1. If you have a Power press on the shop floor, the operator must have the appropriate knowledge and skills about the machine's work.

  2. The designated person is trained before operating the machine because that is the person responsible for maintaining the machine.

  3. For safe use, it is necessary to specify a maintenance schedule for the conduit.

  4. The components used in the machine can be checked regularly by knowledgeable personnel.

  5. How the machine works should be explained to everyone responsible for any type of work on the power press

  6. Appropriate maintenance activities should be carried out at the factory or workshop as required, including inspection of major components responsible for failure by technical experts to avoid unnecessary consequences.

  7. The work instructions to be followed should be affixed to the machine or accessible to the operator.

  8. Proper records of press maintenance activities should be maintained so that maintenance activities can be scheduled on time.


Power press price

Durmark Power Press machines are the best choice for customers if you want to buy some powerful and high quality Power Press machines. Durmark is a leading power press machine manufacturer in China. We also supply CNC bending machines, high power presses, shears and various other industrial machines all over the world.

Feel free to contact us immediately for an inquiry.

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